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Lamination Superbooster (7.5ml)

650 kr

Lamination Superbooster is the liquid to use as the fourth phase of Lash Lift treatment after perming, fixing and tinting. One bottle contains enough product for 30+ treatments. Our Lamination Superbooster does not contain ANY filler products, all ingredients - provitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, keratin & silk - are active!

Steps of Lash Lifting:

1. perming
2. fixing/neutralizing
3. tinting
4. Lamination Superbooster
5. after lift wash

6. Keratin

The product contains provitamin B5, high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and synthetic keratin (so the product remains vegan) which help moisture to reach and be retained inside the eyelash thus making them look fuller and healthier without adding synthetic keratin to them. This vitamin-packed product only needs to be applied two to three times a week. Also there is no need to use makeup remover since the serum comes off naturally with water within a few days.

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